Chiranjeevi's mother dies when he is very small leaving five sisters with him and his father (Dasari Narayana Rao) is arrested for killing his mother. Chiru starts hating his father but loves his sisters a lot. He takes care of them and nurtures them very well. They all grew up. Chiru is always worried about his sisters and tries to keep them secure. He used to punish the vagabonds who try to tease his sisters or even look at them. Things happening smoothly and all the villagers are a bit careful with him. Chiru's uncle has two children, Rajendra Prasad who is in love with Chiru's second sister (Mohini) and Rambha who loves him and wants to marry him. One day as Chiru is out Mohini calls Rajendra Prasad to her house, but things go worse and suddenly Chiru returns before time and finds Rajendra Prasad in his house and asks him why he is there and what is he doing, and Rajendra Prasad mumbles. Enraged, Chiru beats him and tells his uncle that he shall not marry his daughter and Rajendraprasad cannot marry Mohini. The two elope without the consent of Chiru and Chiru stops talking with her. All the other sisters having a soft corner to their sister start hating their brother for not understanding their love. At this time his father returns from jail and attempts to talk to his son and fails. One day his father's assistant comes to Chiru and tells that Dasari is in danger. He was killed by his uncle's partners in business and Chiru comes to know that his uncle was the reason of his mother's death. Dasari asks Chiru to take care of his two daughters born to his second wife and he brings them home. Chiru's sisters start hating them and looking at the two indifferently. When he comes to know of this and scolds them they all leave the home. The villains waiting for an opportunity kidnaps them and Chiru comes to their place for rescue. His sisters knowing the truth plead him for pardon. All that goes well ends well


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