Madan (Simbu) is a simple man. He joins college where Jyothika too studies. Jyothika dreams of a boy who practically rapes her in her dream, tying her hands and legs to the cot. The moment she sees this man Madan, she is terrified. At the same time there is news that a boy looking like Madan is serial killer. Police capture Madan and interrogate. Madan denies he is that person. But says there is another person who must have done this. Then a flashback follows, showing look alike of Madan but with different make up in a college. One day he falls by the side of a bus. When he looks up into the bus, he finds a good-looking girl named Vaishnavi (Sindhu), whom he instantly loves. Chase of the girl reveals she is the daughter of a man living in Muscut and is in the care of her uncle. When a day comes for her to express her love to him, she writes it on the wall. But he also gets the rumor that she is in love with Seenu. When he goes to her house and looks into a room secretly he finds she is having sex with Seenu. Both talk about Manmadha as a fool. He becomes angry and kills both the girl and her boy friend. Then he comes to his brother Madan and tells him what happened. Saying he committed a mistake, he goes into a room bolts the door and hangs to the fan ceiling and dies. Now Madan takes that job of cleaning the society of cheating women. But denies in the court that he has anything to do with killings. The court frees Madan and asks police to search for the real culprit.


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