Starring Rana Daggubati, Nayanthara, Kota Srinivasarao, Posani Krishna Murali. This movie is Written & Directed by Krish and Produced by Saibabu Jagarlamudi & Y Rajeev Reddy. Music of the film composed by Mani Sharma.

Story :
starts with Devika (Nayantara) documenting illegal mining in Bellary by Reddappa (Milind Gunaji), a ruthless business tycoon. Reddappa burns down a village so that the people leave, because under it is a large iron ore deposit, which he wants to mine. The villagers, especially Matti Raju (L.B. Sriram), want to kill Reddappa to take revenge. It is later revealed that Devika is not a journalist but an informer of the CBI.

In Hyderabad, BTech Babu (Rana Daggubati) is a drama artist who has been under the guidance of his grandfather Surabhi Subrahmanyam (Kota Srinivasa Rao). But Babu is not interested in acting and decides to leave for America to make a better life. Heartbroken upon learning of his grandson's intentions, Subrahmanyam dies the same night. Babu realises his mistake and decides to fulfill his grandfather's last wish of making the drama Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum, which was written by Subrahmanyam. Babu goes to Bellary with his troupe to perform the drama. The troupe lives with Rampam (Brahmanandam), who is originally known as Rangasthala Pandit (Telugu).

There one of Babu's troupe members has a fight with Reddappa's right-hand man, who cuts his tongue and urinates on Subrahmanyam's ashes. Babu sets out to find Reddappa's men and take revenge. In the process, Babu meets Devika and they both set out to Reddappa's mines in the Tippu Sultan's (Posani Krishna Murali) taxi. After beating Reddappa's men, Babu runs into his grandmother, who reveals his past to him. Babu's mother's brother, Chakravarthy, had killed his parents when Babu was a toddler. To save Babu, his grandmother took him away and handed him over to Subrahmanyam, who adopted him. After learning about his past, Babu pursues Chakravarthy to kill him.

Babu reunites with his troupe, who have been searching for him, and starts to prepare for the Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum drama. Meanwhile, Devika goes to Bangalore for more information with Tippu Sultan, who has been searching for Devika and Babu as they have not paid his taxi fare. On the way to Bangalore, they stop at a bridge as Tippu Sultan hits a man crossing the road. Luckily the man is not hurt. Under the bridge are Chakravarthy and his men who park a car, with a bomb in it. They are waiting for Reddappa to pass the bridge in his car to kill him. Devika comes next to their car to record the beautiful area, not aware of the situation. One of Chakravarthy's men, who is supposed to set off the bomb, leaves the trigger and gets Devika away from the car just as Reddappa arrives. Chakravarthy runs to the trigger and sets off the bomb, but Reddappa has passed the bridge by then.

Reddappa (the real Reddappa) tells her that he and Chakravarthy (the real Chakravarthy) were close friends. After Chakravarthy killed Babu's parents, he stole Reddappa's identity without his knowledge. He cheats Reddappa in business and hands him over to the police; the police pursue Chakravarthy due to the numerous cases on him. Chakravarthy then kills Reddappa's wife in front of him as he is dragged away by the police (he tactically kills her so that the police don't get alerted).
Chakravarthy is captured by Reddappa's men, who make Chakravarthy mute by damaging his vocal cords with boiling water. Back in Bellary, Babu finally arranges the Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum on the eve of Durgashtami. Babu, who is not aware of the real identities of "Reddappa" and "Chakravarthy", asks Reddappa (the real Chakravarthy) to watch the drama as it teaches a lesson about life. Babu reveals to him that he wants to kill his uncle Chakravarthy to avenge his parents' death. As he is about to kill the real Chakravarthy, Babu stops him. Babu then carries Chakravarthy(the real one) to where the villagers live and throws him into the forest. The villagers avenge their loss by burning Chakravarthy alive.


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